Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

Expect to see a wide range of dress. On Sunday mornings people typically dress in business casual (khakis and a shirt with a collar).  Expect to see some ties and sports coats. On Sunday and Wednesday evenings dress is a little more casual with many people wearing jeans or a work uniform (if they came straight from work).

Will I be asked to give money?

Absolutely not. The collection is a voluntary gift from the members here. You will not be asked or pressured to give.

How long are services?

They usually last a little over an hour.

What kind of a church is this?

We are a non-denominational church that follows only the Bible. Our goal is to be a church like we read about in the New Testament. As God’s children we do everything we can to love and please our Father in heaven.

Is there a nursery for my children?

Yes, we have a nursery at the back of the auditorium where you can take your baby or child if you need some privacy. We also have audio and video feeds to the foyer and first classroom, so you can take a child out and continue to listen to the service.

Are there Bible classes for my children?

Absolutely! We have classes for all ages. We put a big emphasizes on teaching children the Bible. Learn more about Bible classes.

Do you offer child care during worship services?

No, we like to have the children participate in the worship service with the adults. We understand this can sometimes create a little extra distration, but there is great value in parents modeling worship to their children. We have a lot of families and young children in the congregation and we like to be able to worship together. If a child is a little too disruptive you can always step out for a few minutes. We have audio and video feeds to the foyer, nursery, and first classroom, so you can continue to watch the service while out with a child.

Will I be judged by my appearance or made to feel awkward?

Definitely not. We are a diverse group from a variety of backgrounds. We will welcome you and help you grow closer to God.

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