What We Believe

What We Believe

The People of the Martinez church of Christ

The Christians who make up the Martinez Church of Christ are people from all walks of life who sincerely want to follow God. We meet regularly to worship God and encourage each other. Our membership is diverse, and we welcome people from all backgrounds. Each member of the Martinez Church of Christ family is a brother or sister in Christ, and that relationship demands devotion to each other and to the faith that we share and live each day.

When asked about who we are religiously, we customarily answer that we are Christians, disciples of Jesus. We respond this way because that is the answer the followers of Jesus in the New Testament would have given (Acts 11:2626:28).

The identity we feel as simply Christians comes from a determination to follow the teachings of Christ as found in the New Testament and to avoid the religious parties and creeds that have arisen. We are convinced that the only way to truly follow Jesus is to stay securely within what He and His apostles taught and practiced as revealed in the Scriptures (1 Peter 4:11).

What We Believe

We believe there is one God, and that Jesus Christ is his only son. We believe Jesus died as part of God’s plan to save each one of us. And we believe that God has clearly communicated everything we must do to please Him through the Bible, and that every word is important. That means that every principle and command included in the Bible is a part of what we teach in our classes, preach from the stage, and profess in our community.

Based on these beliefs, we thank God daily through prayer, and come together to worship him every week. We do our best to live like Jesus: doing good, following God’s word, and living in peace with all men. We also take literally God’s command to share our faith in God, Jesus, and the plan of salvation with family members, friends, and neighbors—because all people benefit, and are ultimately saved, through a relationship with God.

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