2024 Theme: Here am I. Send Me!

2024 Theme: Here am I. Send Me!

Each year, at the Martinez church of Christ, we pick one concept that we believe could really transform our thinking and help us grow. This year's theme is called, "Here am I. Send me!" and is taken from the book of Isaiah. Throughout the year, we will have sermons designed to equip us in serving God.

Why this theme?

It’s hard to imagine a more stressful, thankless, frightening job than the life of an Old Testament prophet. From imprisonments, beatings, and even threats to their life, prophets like Jeremiah, Elijah, and Zechariah suffered intensely. What would cause someone to choose that kind of life? For most of the prophets, it wasn’t something they chose, it was something God chose. Jeremiah didn’t want to be a prophet. Moses tried to get God to send someone else. And Jonah ran from God.

But there was one prophet who was different. When God asked who He could send, Isaiah courageously spoke the famous words, “Here am I! Send me!”

This year we want to imitate that bold eagerness. We want to love God so much that we voluntarily choose to serve him in new, unfamiliar, and even challenging ways. May we have the faith and zeal of Isaiah!

Our Plan for This Year

Throughout the year, the sermons will focus in three key areas.


What motivated Isaiah to voluntarily choose a life of relentless service to God? God’s holiness and love had touched him to such a point that he longed for that work. What could motivate us as Christians today? In these lessons we’ll awaken our desire for a life of sacrificial service.


Many times Christians are willing to serve, they just aren’t aware of areas where they need to be serving. In these lessons we will let God’s word train us to see the needs around us. Jesus was constantly aware of the needs of others and it moved him to compassion, prayer, and action. We want have eyes like Jesus.


Serving God and others in new or difficult ways can feel overwhelming. Oftentimes we fail to serve because we feel incapable or feel like others are far more qualified. That’s why God tells us to “equip the saints for the work of ministry” (Ephesians 4:12). These lessons will be intensely practical and will provide us with the tools to serve in specific areas of life. Through the power of God’s instructions, God’s examples, and God’s strength, we will finally be able to say, “Here am I! Send me!”

We hope you can join us for these lessons!