What to Expect

What to Expect

“Let them praise your great and awesome name!” – Psalm 99:3

Each Sunday we get together and worship God, the mighty creator who rules the universe. Our worship services are simple and spiritually focused. Everything we do in worship is modeled after what we read about in the New Testament.

Sunday Morning

Worship at 10AM

Due to COVID-19, our Sunday morning worship is outdoors.

Sing to God

The songs are designed to honor God and encourage us as Christians. Sometimes the song leader will select songs that all relate to a common theme. We worship without instruments because that’s how worship is described in the New Testament (Ephesians 5:19).

Pray to God

We usually have a few prayers during the service where we praise God and talk to Him about our spiritual needs.

Think About Jesus’ Death

Every Sunday morning and evening we take the Lord’s Supper which is a special memorial to remember Jesus’ death. We eat small pieces of unleavened bread to remember Jesus’ body. Then we drink grape juice to remember Jesus’ blood. This helps us think about Jesus love for us and the wonderful salvation that we enjoy.

Give to God

If you are a guest, you are not expected to give. At this point in the service the members give money to help support the spread of the gospel in this area and in other areas around the world. Learn about some of the evangelists that we support.

Preach God’s Word

Philip Williams presents a lesson each Sunday morning. The sermons at Martinez church of Christ are Bible-based, practical, and encouraging. As we open the Bible we gain a greater understanding of God’s character and His will for our lives. Each sermon should help you personally grow closer to God. Many times the sermons deal with challenging, transformative topics.

Listen to recent sermons

Bible Study at 5PM

Due to COVID-19, our Bible studies are online only.

We love God’s word. This is a church where you and your family will gain a deeper understanding of the Bible. Our Bible studies are designed to draw us closer to God and help us to live more like Jesus.

Learn more about adult Bible Classes

Sunday Evening

Due to COVID-19, our Sunday evening service is online only.

Each Sunday of the month has a slightly different format for services:

  • 1st Sunday of the Month - Interactive Bible study.
  • 2nd Sunday of the Month - Singing Night. This is an entire service based around singing praises to God.
  • 3rd Sunday of the Month - Interactive Bible study.
  • 4th Sunday of the month - One of the men of the congregation presents a sermon.
  • 5th Sunday of the month - Prayer night. This is an evening that helps us draw closer to God as we talk to Him. We usually base our prayer nights around a theme and various men of the church take turns leading prayers.

Wednesday Evening

Due to COVID-19, our Sunday evening service is online only.

On Wednesday evenings we continue our Bible studies from Sunday morning. It's always encouraging to come together during the middle of the week and encourage each other with God's word.

Learn more about adult Bible Classes


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    8/9/20 09:00am
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    8/9/20 10:00am
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    8/9/20 06:00pm
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    8/12/20 07:00pm
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    8/16/20 09:00am
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