2023 Theme: Building Godly Families

2023 Theme: Building Godly Families

Each year, at the Martinez church of Christ, we pick one concept that we believe could really transform our thinking and help us grow. This year's theme is all about family. Throughout the year, we will have sermons designed to strengthen our families.

Why this theme this year?

Over the past few years, God has blessed this church with a multitude of young families. There are not only a large number of children, but also many young couples. These early years are crucial and that’s why we need the good, solid foundation of scripture to build strong, God-honoring families.

But even after we’ve laid the foundation, we continue to need God’s word to help us build as our families mature and change. Each stage of life brings its own fresh set of challenges. As children leave home and as grandchildren arrive, and as a husband and wife grow older together, they must keep asking, are we building our families God’s way? We need God’s help, no matter what our stage of family.
Besides all of the couples, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other family relationships in this church, there’s one other very important family relationship. That family relationship is the church itself. We need to see ourselves as family. Throughout the year, as we study God’s teaching on family we will find that it not only applies in our homes, but it also applies to us as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Our Plan for This Year

Throughout the year we will have various sermons on all aspects of the family. We will have lessons on marriage, parenting, dating, being a grandparent, being an aunt or uncle, and most of all, being a brother or sister in Christ. The lessons will not simply contain a list of tips and tricks like a typical marriage or parenting book might offer. Instead, the lessons will give solid God-centered Bible-based teaching that will provide a strong foundation for every family relationship. Our aim will be to build godly families, God’s way, with God’s help.

We hope you can join us for these lessons!



  1. Bible Classes for All
    10/1/23 09:00am
  2. Sunday Worship
    10/1/23 10:00am
  3. Sunday PM Worship
    10/1/23 06:00pm
  4. Bible Classes for All
    10/4/23 07:00pm
  5. Bible Classes for All
    10/8/23 09:00am
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