Jesus' Sermon on the Mount Bible Study

Jesus' Sermon on the Mount Bible Study

No matter how long you’ve been a Christian, it’s hard to read Jesus’ sermon on the mount without feeling uncomfortable. This sermon contains some of Jesus’ most challenging commands. In just three chapters Jesus gives some of the greatest teaching on love, honesty, purity, contentment, and generosity.

On an initial reading it may seem that Jesus is setting the bar too high. Who could ever live up to Jesus’ standard? The key is the heart. Jesus’ goal is to change us from the inside out. The sermon is ultimately about setting our hearts in the right place and letting that mindset transform every aspect of our lives.

Please come join us as we become transformed from the inside out!

This Bible class meets every Sunday at 9AM and every Wednesday at 7PM.

Have children? We also offer Bible classes for children at the same time!

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