A Study of the Church

A Study of the Church

Meets every Sunday @ 9AM and every Wednesday @ 7PM.

The concept of "church" is often confused and misunderstood. In this study we go back to the Bible and see how God describes the church. We'll look at how the church was founded, what it's purpose is, and what our individual roles are within it.

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Join us each Sunday at 9AM and each Wednesday at 7PM.

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  1. Bible Classes for All
    4/22/18 09:00am
  2. Sunday Worship
    4/22/18 10:00am
  3. Sunday PM Worship
    4/22/18 06:00pm
  4. Bible Classes for All
    4/25/18 07:00pm
  5. Ladies' Bible Study
    4/28/18 10:30am
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