Study of the Letter to the Romans

Study of the Letter to the Romans

Meets every Sunday @ 9AM and every Wednesday @ 7PM.

We are excited to begin our new study of Paul's letter to the Romans. This book is foundational to the gospel, yet it's often misunderstood. It is deep and sometimes complex, yet the lessons Paul teaches are very practical and relevant for our lives today.

Seeing the Big Picture

One of the keys to understanding Romans is to see the book as a cohesive whole. In this study we're going to discover how all of the themes in the book are connected and how seeing the big picture will give us the tools to examine the smaller concepts.

We created this visual map to use as a guide throughout our study:

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Come Join Us

Interested in gaining a better understanding of the book of Romans? Then join us each Sunday at 9AM and each Wednesday at 7PM.

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