The Gospel in Isaiah - Lecture Series

The Gospel in Isaiah - Lecture Series

Come to our gospel meeting on October 5 - 7.

700 years before Jesus was born there lived a prophet named Isaiah. Through this man’s writings, God revealed aspects of the gospel centuries before Christ ever walked the earth. Understanding these beautiful prophecies will give us a much fuller understanding of Christ’s teaching. In this special lecture series, we’re going to grow closer to Jesus by seeing him through the eyes of a prophet.

We hope you’ll join us!


  • Friday, October 5th @ 7PM - Seeing the Messiah as He Is
  • Saturday, October 6th @ 10AM - How to Find Real Joy and Peace
  • Sunday, October 7th @ 9AM - The Promise of the Spirit
  • Sunday, October 7th @ 10AM - Light to the Nations
  • Sunday, October 7th @ 6PM - Priests of the Lord


Ben Hall preaches regularly in Brooklyn, NY. We are very thankful for Ben’s willingness to come bring us these lessons.

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