God's Purpose in Maturity - Lecture Series

God's Purpose in Maturity - Lecture Series

Come to our gospel meeting on October 15-18

Want to grow in your walk with God? This special series is on how we can grow spiritually, both individually and as a church. These lessons by Berry Kercheville will be deep and thought provoking.

Main Lessons:

  • Sunday @9AM - You Read Your Bible, Did You See God?
  • Sunday @10AM - God’s Glory in Worship & Praise
  • Sunday @6PM - God’s Purpose in the Functioning of the Local Church
  • Monday @ 7PM - God’s Eternal Purpose
  • Tuesday @ 7PM - God’s Purpose: Drawn to Jesus
  • Wednesday @ 7PM - God’s Purpose: Rivers of Living Water

Morning Lessons: Simple Tools to Enjoy Your Bible

  • Monday @ 10AM - Look! Look! Look! Learning Observation Skills
  • Tuesday @ 10AM - Getting the Big Picture First
  • Wednesday @ 10AM - Seeing the Details

Berry Kercheville has been preaches the gospel for 45 years. He currently preaches at the Brentwood church of Christ near Nashville, TN. Berry’s sermons are deeply rooted in scripture and challenge listeners to live closer to God.

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  1. Teacher's meeting
    8/18/18 09:00am
  2. Bible Classes for All
    8/19/18 09:00am
  3. Sunday Worship
    8/19/18 10:00am
  4. Sunday PM Worship
    8/19/18 06:00pm
  5. Bible Classes for All
    8/22/18 07:00pm
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