Adult Bible Study

Adult Bible Study

"Here Am I. Send Me."

Our summer class titled, "Here Am I, Send Me," is about becoming more eager to do the work God has for you to do. Throughout the summer we will look at various men and women in the Bible who God called to do specific works. We will study how each of these people responded to God's direction and what we can learn from it today.

God has called each of us through the gospel (2 Thessalonians 2:14). That means that each of us have a responsibility. This class will equip and motivate us to do God's work.

Class Schedule

5/31/2020Intro: All of us were called through the gospel
6/3/2020The call of Noah 
6/7/2020The call of Abraham 
6/10/2020The call of Sarah
6/14/2020The call of Rebekah 
6/17/2020The call of Isaac 
6/21/2020The call of Jacob
6/24/2020The call of Moses 
6/28/2020The call of Bezalel 
7/1/2020The call of Joshua 
7/5/2020The call of Gideon
7/8/2020The call of Samson’s parents 
7/12/2020The call of Jeroboam 
7/15/2020The call of Elisha 
7/19/2020The call of Jehu 
7/22/2020The call of Isaiah 
7/26/2020The call of Jeremiah
7/29/2020The call of Ezekiel 
8/2/2020The call of Jonah 
8/5/2020The call of Cyrus 
8/9/2020The call of Mary
8/12/2020The call of Matthew 
8/16/2020The call of Andrew, Peter, Philip, & Nathanael 
8/19/2020The call of Peter to teach Cornelius 
8/23/2020The call of Saul of Tarsus 
8/26/2020The call of Paul & Barnabas 


This Bible class meets online only every Sunday at 5:00 PM and every Wednesday at 7:00 PM.

Watch online via Facebook Live.

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