2017 Theme - "Leaving the Nets"

2017 Theme - "Leaving the Nets"

“Immediately they left their nets and followed him.”  – Matthew 4:20

Yearly Themes Help a Church Grow

Each year we like to focus on a particular theme to help us grow. We emphasize this theme through sermons, devotionals, singings, prayer nights, and other activities. As we all study, discuss, and meditate on a single topic it creates unity and focused growth.

A Year of Transformation

Our theme this year is called Leaving the Nets. When Jesus called Peter and Andrew they dropped their nets, left everything, and became Christ’s devoted followers. They had only begun the journey, but they understood that Jesus deserved every moment of their lives.

Over the course of a year we are going to walk through the gospels, seeing each moment through the eyes of Christ’s followers. Our studies will include some of the most difficult commands that Jesus ever gave. But when we shudder at the cross and weep at the tomb, we’re going to see a savior who deserves everything.

This is a year designed to transform our thinking on what it really means to follow Jesus. Together, we’re going to lay down our nets and give him our all.

How We Plan to Do This


Our sermons on Sunday will lead us on a journey through the life of Christ. These will be challenging sermons that require us to take a deeper look at the extraordinary character of God’s Son and His extreme demands for our lives.

Character Studies

At a few points during the year, we will pause our study of Christ to look at the life of a Bible hero who exemplifies total devotion to God. We’ll look at Abraham’s devotion through faith, Joseph’s devotion in purity, Nehemiah’s devotion in prayer, and Moses’ devotion in leadership.

Family Growth Nights

On the second Sunday evening of each month we’ll have a Family Growth Night where we look at specific areas where we can each grow spiritually. This will be conducted as a Bible class where we can discuss strategies to overcome sin and grow closer to Christ.

Spiritual Thought Videos

Each Tuesday we’ll post a 2 or 3-minute video to Facebook that gives us a spiritual thought to meditate on throughout the week. Be sure to checkout our Spiritual Thought Videos.


On the fourth Sunday evening of each month we’ll have a singing night. Many of our singings will relate to our yearly theme. We’ll also hold singings in members’ homes throughout the year.

Prayer Nights

On the fifth Sunday evening of the month, we’ll have a special prayer service. These evenings are often themed and help us draw closer to God.

Home Bible Studies

One Friday night each month, we’ll get together for a Bible study in one of the members’ homes. These smaller, more intimate studies give us an opportunity to encourage each other and discuss God’s word together.

How Will This Help Me?

This year will…

  • Challenge you to give yourself more fully to Christ.
  • Build stronger relationships with other Christians as we all work towards a goal.
  • Deepen your devotion to God in prayer.
  • Help you maintain a spiritual focus throughout the year.
  • Give you the tools to lead your family and others closer to Christ.

Join Us in This Journey

Are you interested in growing closer to God this year? We would love for you to be a part of this exciting study. Come worship with us.



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